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2019 CT-TBF Trail & Opens Applications



Important !!!!

Please mail ALL applications to:

Keith Cleary 18 Apollo Road Bethel, CT. 06801



When filling out entry forms,
be sure to fill in ALL spaces & print legibly
or they will be returned
and you may not get to fish !


Please be courteous to each other and to the general public.

Please take care of your fish with ice and/or fish care additives.


Please prepare your boat BEFORE you get to the boat ramp. After you launch your boat please move it away from the launch area so the next boat can launch.


Please let the tournament committee load their boats first so that they can prepare the weigh in site. Committee members will be wearing yellow vests.


2019 Trail


2019 TBF Trail Entry Form

Event #1 Sunday 4/28/19 Candlewood Lake

Event #2 Sunday 5/19/19 Lake Zoar

Event #3 Sunday 6/2/19 Lake Lillinonah

Event #4 Sunday 6/23/19 CT River

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - Trail


2019 TBF State Team Qualifier Entry Form

State Team Trail Qualifier Entry Form

TBF of CT - 2019 State Team - Trail Qualifier Application


2019 TBF Trail Guest Entry Form

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - Guest


2019 TBF of CT. 2 Day Entry Form

Day #1 - Saturday 7/20/19 CT River

Day #2 - Sunday 7/21/19 Candlewood Lake

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - 2 Day Qualifier


2020 "Early Bird" form

2020 (early bird) Tournament Trail event #1 Sunday 8/25/19 Lake Lillinonah

**coming soon**




2019 Opens

Five (5) bass limit for Open/Team Tournaments. Fish as a team or fish alone. Paying to 20% of the field !!!


Spring Opens Entry Form

03/31/2019 Candlewood Lake

05/02/2019 Candlewood Lake

06/01/2019 CT. River Haddam Meadows

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - Open - Spring Opens


Summer Opens Entry Form

06/08/2019 Candlewood Lake

07/06/2019 Candlewood Lake

7/14/2019 CT. River Haddam Meadows

08/18/2019 Candlewood Lake

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - Open - Summer Opens


Fall Opens Entry Form

10/12/2019 Candlewood Lake

11/10/2019 Candlewood Lake

11/24/2019 Candlewood Lake

TBF of CT - 2019 Entry Form - Open - Fall Opens











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