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Welcome to The Bass Federation of Connecticut.

Join Connecticut's most friendly & affordable bass fishing tournament trail for as little as $25 per tournament. More tournaments, more fun and more chances to advance to a National Semi Final or National tournament.




New Pro/Am Format !


Non-Boaters & Boaters welcome !!

Join now for $85 and be eligible to fish the two (2) National Semi Final qualifiers being held this year for 2021 & 2022. You will also be eligible to fish five (5) statewide trail events.


If you are fishing the trail and haven't paid your NSF Trail (State Team ) Qualifier fee, make sure you pay it before your first tournament.



Please check on your neighbors and friends. Remember to wear a face mask when in public, wash your hands and stay at least 6 ft. apart. Lets work together to end this and get back to fishing.

Also..... Please check your boat before and after you launch. Let's keep our waters free from invasive species.

Be careful and be safe !!.


Click to view our facebook page.




Important News, Events & Information !


Next Trail Event

Trail Tournament #2

Sunday May 16th 2021 - Lake Zoar



Next Open Event

Open Tournament #4

05/30/2021 Sunday - CT River Haddam Meadows

You do not need to be a member of the CT-TBF to fish an open tournament.


If you want to be guaranteed a spot preregister by mail !!!!

Spots will be filled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Applications will be taken by mail or at the ramp.

Masks/Face Covering are required to be worn on shore, both before and after the event. Masks must also be worn in the cockpit area of the boat, while driving and are required when both participants are fishing on the same deck. Masks may be removed when one partner is on the front deck and one is on the back deck.

To minimize cross contact during the tournament, please bring a completed application and exact change for the entry ($100), Lunker ($20). We will not be making change.

All rules, including the special COVID related restrictions will be strictly enforced and any violation will result in an immediate disqualification.

Please check back frequently for updates.




First annual CT-TBF Banquet in the works !! Awards and raffles planned.

Please check back frequently for updates.




CT TBF members 5% discount promo code: CTTBF21

Check out CT-TBF member Steve Martin's website for some great lures !!




Invasive Species Alert

Destroy! Don’t Dump!

Invasive zebra mussels have been found in "moss balls,” an aquarium plant product sold at aquarium and pet supply stores.  Zebra mussels are regarded as one of the most destructive invasive species in North America.
What are “moss balls?”
A moss ball is a species of green algae that is formed into a ball and is 2 to 5 inches in diameter. Moss balls are purchased for home aquariums are found in pet stores nationwide.
What should I do if I recently purchased moss balls for my aquarium?
Do not dispose of the moss balls in drains, waterways, or gardens. Moss balls must be destroyed and disposed of in a sealed container in the trash.


For more information visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service website,




****** Press Releases ******

Governor Ned Lamont


Governor Lamont Signs Order Opening Connecticut’s Fishing Season Early

Trout Fishing Season Opening Early to Encourage Social Distancing, Anglers Reminded to Exercise Caution if Fishing on Late-Season Ice

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has signed an executive order removing closed seasons for fishing on all inland waters in Connecticut, and opening additional lakes, ponds, as well as rivers and streams to fishing statewide, effective today. The governor signed a similar order last year to open the state’s fishing season early at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Order No. 10B removes prohibitions on fishing for trout, effectively advancing opening day of trout season from April 10, 2021 to today. The governor said that opening the fishing season early permits anglers to enjoy additional access to outdoor recreation, which has been a help to residents’ mental and physical health.

“Opening the fishing season early helps to reduce opening day crowds and limit the potential for spread of COVID-19,” Governor Lamont said. “Anglers are encouraged to continue to practice social distancing, and we encourage fishing to be enjoyed only with members of your immediate household and not as a group activity.”



2021 TBF National Championship

MARCH 8-13, 2021


All fifty boaters and fifty co-anglers competing in the National Championship will fish the first two days of the event and only the 7 Division Champion boaters and 7 Division Champion co-anglers will compete on the third and final day for the Living Your Dream Prize packages and the National Champion boater and co-angler titles.  In addition to the cash prizes, all hotel room nights for the actual event days will be paid for by TBF for all the anglers as a part of their qualifying prize and all 14 finalists will earn a Living YOUR Dream prize package of various sizes and can advance to the 2021 BFL All-American if they were FLW competitor members before they qualified.

The National champions and overall winners will leave with the coveted TBF National Champion Boater and National Champion Co-angler Titles and a Living Your Dream (LYD) package. The boater LYD package is valued in excess of a whopping $130,000! In past years of the program, the Federation National Champion Living Your Dream Angler received the USE of a new Ranger boat for the following season. A new benefit was added in 2020 that will continue in 2021 which is that now the Federation National Champion Living Your Dream angler will receive a brand-new Ranger Z520 powered by 250HO outboard engine, Lowrance Electronics and MinnKota Trolling Motor rigged out and all their own to KEEP!  So, in addition to a significant CASH prize they will also earn a new Ranger boat a custom clothing package and more!

The Federation strongly believes in the value of co-anglers, so the 2021 National Champion Co-angler LYD package will be worth over $30,000, including 20K cash PLUS set paid entry stipends into the circuit of choice, clothing package and more!

Good Luck to Team Connecticut, Angler Keith Cleary and Co-Angler Josh Escobar !!








From the CT-TBF Tournament Director;

Hello Everyone,

I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the upcoming trail events and what is necessary to qualify for next years TBF National Semi-Finals event (Fall of 2021).

First of all we have moved to a full Pro/Am format. For the 2021 NSF, we will take 4 Boaters and 4 Non-Boaters from the Trail.  Another 4 Boaters & 4 Non-Boaters will come from the Two-Day.

To be eligible to qualify for the NSF from the trail, you must fill out the attached Trail Qualifier Form and pay the $150 Qualifier Fee prior to the 1st tournament you want to count towards qualification.

Please mail in your Tournament Applications and Trail Qualifier forms this week.

To qualify to fish the CT-TBF 2 Day events you must be a member at least sixty (60) days prior to the event.

Any questions, please let me know.

Also, please share this email and instructions with your clubs to ensure everyone is aware of all associated deadlines.


Keith Cleary

Tournament Director, TBF of CT




CT-TBF Covid19 Fish Care with Fish Whisperer Tim Thompson




CT-DEEP Urges Safe Boating, Social Distancing Practices at State Boat Launches During COVID-19 Pandemic

Please visit the DEEP Boating website for news and updates:




Great job at the 2020 TBF Nationals on Grand Lake by Ryan Kusmit and Keith Cleary. Congrats to Keith Cleary on winning the Eastern Division and placing 5th overall.




2021 CT-TBF Trail Event #1

Sunday April 25th - Candlewood Lake Results


A Division

1st Bob Dattilo 13.99 lbs

2nd Sam Leary 12.55 lbs

3rd Paul Indorf 12.45 lbs

Lunker John Fonda 4.45 lbs


B Division

1st Steve Martin 13.47 lbs

2nd John Poe 9.34 lbs

3rd Josh Escobar 7.36 lbs

Lunker Steve Martin 4.97 lbs


Congratulations !!

See the Tournament Trail Results page for compete results.




2021 CT-TBF Opens Event #3

Thursday May 6th Candlewood Lake Results


1st Cucinello/Czaplinski 23.23 lbs

2nd Todd Rose 18.41 lbs

3rd Cleary/Poe 16.67 lbs

Lunker Cucinello/Czaplinski 4.92 lbs


16 Teams/Boats competed. Great job by all & congratulations to the top 3 teams !!

See the Open Tournament Results page for compete results.



**** Next Meeting ****

The next TBF of CT board meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday May 20th 2021 at LCN Kitchens & Baths #1695 Poquonock Ave. Windsor, CT. Meetings are open to all members and all members are encouraged to attend.

Meetings are at 7 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month, unless otherwise specified above.

The TBF-CT Website is constantly being updated,
but we need your input too.
Please email any thoughts and
suggestions directly to or

Click to view our facebook page.



CT-TBF 2021/2022

Tournament Trail, 2 Day & NSF Information



(Must be a CT-TBF member at least 60 days prior to 2 Day events.)


All Tournaments 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified

Counts as... ...............................................................................................................Counts as

2021 Trail #3...........Sunday Apr. 25th 2021 - Candlewood .......2022 Trail #1

2021 Trail #4...........Sunday May 16th 2021 - Zoar......................2022 Trail #2

2021 Trail #5...........Sunday June 6th 2021 - Lillinonah.............2022 Trail #3

.................................Sunday Jul 25th 2021 - CT River................2022 Trail #4

.................................Sunday Aug. 22nd 2021 - Candlewood .....2022 Trail #5


2021 2 Day (2021 NSF Qualifier) - Sunday June 26th CT River, 27th Candlewood Lake Must be a CT-TBF Member at least sixty (60) days prior to event.


2021 District 15 National Semi Finals (NSF) - Sept. 25th & 26th 1000 Islands Clayton NY, hosted by TBF of Rhode Island. Official practice days are Sept. 22nd - Sept. 24th.


2022 2 day (2022 NSF Qualifier) - Saturday October 16th CT River, Sunday October 17th Candlewood Lake (Must be a CT-TBF Member at least sixty (60) days prior to event.)

Each year the organization hosts a tournament trail for the membership. There are two divisions in which the members can choose to fish. The Boater Division is $50 per tournament. The Non-Boater  Division is $25 per tournament.
There are two (2) ways to qualify for the CT-TBF State Team and advance to the TBF National Semi Final (NSF), and possibly the TBF National Tournament. If you wish to try and qualify for the NSF Division 15 tournament through the tournament trail, you need to fill out the "NSF Trail Qualifier" application and attach the indicated fee ($150). We will count 4 out 5 trail events (1 drop). The Top 4 Boaters and Top 4 Non-Boaters from this group of qualified anglers will advance.  The deadline for this application is before you fish your first 2021/2022 trail event.

You can also fish the CT-TBF 2 Day event for a chance to qualify for the NSF or fish it for a chance to better your trail qualifier position. The Top 4 Boaters and Top 4 Non-Boaters from the 2 Day will also advance to the National Semi-Finals.


Applications are available on the
Tournament Applications page.

Tournament Director
Keith Cleary C-914-419-0218



2021 Open Tournaments



Open #1, 03/27/2021 Saturday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #2, 04/11/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #3, 05/06/2021 Thursday - Candlewood Lake Squantz


Open #4, 05/30/2021 Sunday - CT. River Haddam Meadows

Open #5, 06/19/2021 Saturday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #6, 07/11/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #7, 08/01/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #8, 08/15/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #9, 10/24/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #10, 11/14/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz

Open #11, 11/28/2021 Sunday - Candlewood Lake Squantz


You do not need to be a member of the CT-TBF to fish an open tournament.


Entry Fee $100.00 per boat - Optional Lunker Pool Fee of $20.00 - Launch position by postmark of paid entry and/or applications at the ramp - TBF Open Rules apply - 75% Payout to 20% of the field. Five (5) fish limit (Largemouth or Smallmouth bass), fish with a partner or fish alone.


Applications are available on the
Tournament Applications page.

Tournament Director
Keith Cleary C-914-419-0218


Please forward any pictures you
wish on the site to

Join our email list and be notified of all upcoming events!






















******* See the full articles on the sponsors pages / links. *******


To become a member of our federation one must either join an existing club (check the club listing page) or form a new club with a minimum of 6 members. By doing either it will automatically enroll you in the federation and entitle you to all our member benefits and protect you under the TBF insurance coverage. Most clubs in the state are actively recruiting new members at this time and welcome new faces enthusiastically.

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