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Welcome to The Bass Federation of Connecticut.

Join Connecticut's most friendly & affordable bass fishing tournament trail for as little as $20 per tournament. More tournaments, more fun and more chances to advance to a National Semi Final or National tournament.

No boat ?, No Problem !

Non-Boaters & Boaters welcome !!


Important News, Events & Information !

The TBF of CT is back !!!

We will be holding our 2nd Open of the year, this Saturday July 11th, on Candlewood Lake (Squantz Ramp; 7-3).

With the restrictions still in place from the state, we are very limited in what we can do and in participation limits.

For this event, we are limited to 15 boats or 25 people, whichever comes first.

Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Applications will be taken by mail or at the ramp

To minimize cross contact during the tournament, please bring a completed application and exact change for the entry ($120). We will not be making change.

Masks/Face Covering are required to be worn on shore, both before and after the event. Masks must also be worn in the cockpit area of the boat, while driving and are required when both participants are fishing on the same deck. Masks may be removed when one partner is on the front deck and one is on the back deck.

All rules, including the special COVID related restrictions will be strictly enforced and any violation will result in an immediate disqualification.


Please check back frequently for updates.




A Message from the President

Hi Everyone:
  I guess that it’s time to address how we are going to move forward with the rest of this year and moving into next year.  We will start with here and now.

First – We will continue to hold all of the tournaments including “The Opens” which are scheduled for this year.  Although everything is up in the air with the Corona virus, we have to continue to move forward as an organization if we plan to survive.  Membership is way down (to be expected) and who knows what participation will be, but we will work with it and bounce back in the long run.  The first tournament coming up is on July 11th (an open) on Candlewood.  If you want to get an early number, I would get an application into Keith before the deadline, otherwise sign up at the ramp.

 Second - The Two- Day State Team Qualifier is right around the corner on July 18th and 19th.  This month’s (July) meeting will be on July 9th at 7:00  p.m. at Cabela’s.  This will also be the pairing meeting for the Two-Day tournament.  In the past we had boater-boater pairings so it was necessary to be there for the meeting.  Since we no longer have those boater-boater pairings it is not necessary to be there to fight for a boater position.  If you want to fish, but don’t  want to come to the meeting, you have to get your application into Keith in advance of  the meeting.  There will still be random pairings (open for all to see) for the non-boaters  in the draw.  The results of these pairings are final.  The Division 15 National Semi-Final Tournament will be held on the Hudson River, at Catskill New York, during the first week of October.  We are not sure at this point of the lodging, and as usual The Federation will support the team as finances allow.

 Third - Those who fished “C” division at the end of last year already know that their money is being refunded as if the division did not exist.  For the next two tournaments of this year and the first three of next year (one drop) the “C” division will be starting again.  Members who wish to fish the division will pay the $150.00 entry fee, prior to fishing their first tournament.  Basically we have just rolled everything back for a year, because of the virus.  To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed as regards to the National Semi-Finals.  This could change if New York has another spike, but currently New York is allowing large tournaments, and I have heard nothing from either New Jersey or TBF National to indicate  that any changes will be required.

  If things go well (the virus slows down and a vaccine is developed)  next year will see a change back to some form of normalcy as we were accustomed to.  If not then there will be a new normal and we’ll learn to live with it, but hopefully we will at least have some form of stability with parameters that we can live within.  I am currently trying to work with the CT D.E.E.P. to allow us to hold (Outdoor) tournaments using ppe and safe social distancing practices.

The board is working to resolve the issues that we are currently facing.

  Hopefully we will see you all at the Two -Day,                                                 

Fred Perry - CT-TBF President




A Message frm the CT-TBF Tournament Director

Hey everyone, 

Last year you paid an entry into the "C" division to make you eligible for the 2020 National Semi-finals through the trail events.  As you know, the COVID situation has prevented us from holding trail events, therefore we were unable to qualify anyone from the trail for the NSF event this fall.  

We will still be holding the 2-Day State Qualifier on July 18th and 19th.  
All qualifiers for this years 2020 National Semi-Finals will come from the 2-Day.  
The exact number of spots we will be qualifying will be dependent on participation at that event.

( Must be a CT-TBF member 60 days prior to 2 Day to enter. )

For the 2021 National Semi-Finals, we will return to a 5 tournament schedule, counting the best 4 of 5.  
Those qualifiers will start this year, Trail event #1 in August and Trail event # 2 in October, plus 3 Trail events in April, May and June of 2021.
We will also hold a 2-Day qualifier in 2021 to complete the list of NSF qualifiers. 


As a result of all these changes, we are offering you the following choices:
   Option #1,  A refund of your 2020 $100 "C" Division entry fee.
   Option #2,  Apply the $100 towards the $150 entry fee for this years 2020 2-Day state qualifier.  Balance due = $50
   Option #3,  Apply the $100 towards the "C" Division entry fee for the 2021 Trail.  Balance due = $50.

Please let me know ASAP which option you are choosing.


If you are planning to fish this years 2-Day State Qualifier, the entry deadline/pairing meeting will be Thursday, July 9th at Cabela's at 7 PM.  So you can either bring your entry that night, send it with someone who is attending the meeting, or you can mail or dropoff the entry to my house (but I must have it in hand before I leave for the meeting).

Any questions, let me know.


Keith Cleary

CT-TBF Tournament Director




2020 & 2021

CT-TBF of Connecticut - COVID-19 UPDATES – Trail Event Information

Due to the COVID crisis and state restrictions on tournaments, the TBF of CT has made the following changes to the 2020 Tournament Season.

2020/2021 Qualifying Trail Event Cancellations

Apr 28th – Lake Zoar - CANCELLED

May 17th – Lake Lillinonah - CANCELLED

June 7th – Congamond Lake – CANCELLED

2020 National Semi-Final Qualification (NSF scheduled for October 2020). All qualifiers for the 2020 NSF team will be determined at the 2-Day Tournament in July 2020. Anyone that paid to enter the Trail Qualifier “C” Division for 2020 will have the option of applying that $100 fee to the 2-Day entry fee of $150, leaving a balance due of $50 or they can request a full refund.

2021 National Semi-Final Qualification (trail schedule TBD)

- 50% of the 2021 NSF Qualifiers will come from the 2-Day Tournament held in early 2021 (date/location TBD)

- 50% of the 2021 NSF Qualifiers will come from the Trail Events (4 out of 5 events).

o Trail Qualifier #1 = August 23, 2020 – Connecticut River

o Trail Qualifier #2 = October 18, 2020 – Candlewood Lake

o Trail Qualifier #3 = April 2021 – date/location TBD

o Trail Qualifier #4 = May 2021 – date/location TBD

o Trail Qualifier #5 = June 2021 – date/location TBD

Key Changes

- Beginning with the July 2020 2-Day Tournament: Boaters will get to use their boat (up to boat limit on state permit). 4 hour rules on boat operation still apply. The Top 2 Non-Boaters fishing the 2-Day will be guaranteed non-boater positions at the 2020 National Semi-Final Tournament.

- Beginning with the August 2020 Trail Event: Entry fees will increase: A Division entry fees will be $50. B Division entry fees will be $25. The Top 2 Non-Boaters fishing the Trail Qualifier “C” Division will be guaranteed non-boater positions at the 2021 National Semi-Final Tournament.

- Beginning with the 2021 2-Day Tournament: The entry fee will be raised to $200, but Participants who have fished 2 or more of the 2020/2021 Trail Events will get a $50 discount and need to pay only $150. Buy-Ins will be limited to the participants “Mother Club” only. Each club will submit their qualification criteria prior to the start of the qualifying season.




DEEP Urges Safe Boating, Social Distancing Practices at State Boat Launches During COVID-19 Pandemic

To this end, DEEP has developed a suite of common-sense practices and recommendations that can help improve boaters’ safety at state boat launches and on the water.  

To use Connecticut’s boat launches safely, DEEP offers the following guidance: 

  • Do not raft or tie-up your vessel with other vessels. 
  • Do not share your equipment or vessel with other boaters. 
  • Wear gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) and practice proper social distancing when using public equipment such as gas pumps or pumpout facilities. 
  • Coastal and inland water temperatures remain cold and boaters should wear life jackets at all times. A reminder that state law requires anyone operating or riding in a manually-propelled vessel such as a canoe or kayak is required to wear a life jacket until May 31st.  

DEEP also wishes to provide some additional information for out-of-state boaters using Connecticut’s waters: 

  • Per Governor Lamont’s guidance, any person coming to Connecticut by means of transportation, including by boat, are strongly urged to self-quarantine for 14 days. 
  • Out of state boaters are reminded that prior to operating on Connecticut’s inland waters, an Aquatic Invasive Species stamp is required to be purchased online. The demarcation line between inland and coastal waters can be found on the DEEP Boating website.  

DEEP will continue to closely monitor capacity and use of the state boat launches and may consider alternate management strategies for these facilities as demand increases. DEEP staff  are currently developing operational plans for the state’s most popular boat launches, including Squantz Cove and Gardner Lake, including possible targeted reductions in parking availability and other measures on a launch-specific basis to ensure the safety of Connecticut’s boaters. 

Please visit the DEEP Boating website for news and updates:


Please check on your neighbors and friends. Remember to wear a face mask when in public, to wash your hands and stay at least 6 ft. apart. Lets work together to end this and get back to fishing.

Be careful and be safe !!




Great job at the 2020 TBF Nationals on Grand Lake by Ryan Kusmit and Keith Cleary. Congrats to Keith Cleary on winning the Eastern Division and placing 5th overall. Keith will be going to the BFL All American on Lake Hartwell.



TBF National Semi Final Div. 15

( Connecticut, New Jersey & Rhode Island )

Congratulations to 2019 NSF Division 15 Overall Tournament Winner & Top CT Boater Keith Cleary (above) and Top CT Non Boater Ryan Kusmit (below in yellow). They will be representing CT. at the TBF National Championship in 2020.

Congratulations to Non Boaters (1st) Ryan Kusmit, (3rd) Jeff Misaiko

Congratulations to Boaters (1st) Keith Cleary, (3rd) Ken Bugden and (4th) Matt Marinelli.


Check out the National Semi Finals page for pictures, results & more.





A Division Jake Roczniak


2019 B Division Martin Schaffmeier


2019 2 Day Champion ... Rich Schumacher

Congrats to Rich, Jake and Martin !!




2020 CT-TBF Trail Event #1 (2020 Early Bird)

08/25/2019 - Lake Lillinonah Results

A Division

1st Kevin Jaracy 13.16 lbs

2nd Tim Thompson 12.37 lbs

3rd Fred Perry 10.51 lbs

B Division

1st John Horbal 7.89 lbs

2nd Ryan Horbal 2.08 lbs


Congratulations !!

See the Tournament Trail Results page for compete results.



2020 CT-TBF Opens -

June 13th Candlewood Lake



1st Nick P. / Tony V. 18.00 lbs

2nd Keith C. / John P. 17.76 lbs, Lunker 5.74 lbs


9 Teams competed, Congratulations to the top 2 teams !!!

Complete results will be posted on the Opens page.



**** Next Meeting ****

The next TBF of CT board meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday July 9th 2019 at the Cabela's in East Hartford . Meetings are open to all members and all members are encouraged to attend.

Meetings are at 7 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month, unless otherwise specified above.

The TBF-CT Website is constantly being updated,
but we need your input too.
Please email any thoughts and
suggestions directly to or

Click to view our facebook page.


CT-TBF 2020 / 2021

( TBF National Semi Finals Qualifiers )

Tournament Trail

All Tournaments 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified


Sunday August 25th, 2019- Lake Lillinonah (Counts as 2020 T#1) Cancelled

Sunday April 26th, 2020 - Lake Zoar (Counts as 2020 T#2 / 2021 T#1) - Cancelled

Sunday May 17th, 2020 - Lake Lillinonah (Counts as 2020 T#3 / 2021 T#2) Cancelled

Sunday June 7th, 2020 - Congamond Lake (Counts as 2020 T#4 / 2021 T#3) Cancelled

Sunday August 23rd, 2020 - CT. River (Counts as 2021 T#1)

Sunday October 18th, 2020 - Candlewood Lake (Counts as 2021 T#2)


Each year the organization hosts a tournament trail for the membership. There are two divisions in which the members can choose to fish. A Division is a little more expensive ($40 per tournament) and is generally fished by people who are comfortable at fishing tournaments and have a little more knowledge of the waters. B Division is quite cheap to fish ($20 per tournament) and is generally considered to be a place for learners and people who are not familiar with the waters to fish against other people who are competing at the same level.

If you wish to try and qualify for the National Semi Final Division 15 tournament through the tournament trail, you need to fill out the "NSF Trail Qualifier" Application, and attach the indicated fee.

The deadline for this application is before you fish your first 2020/2021 trail event.


2020 CT-TBF 2 Day Championship & TBF NSF Div. 15 Qualifier

(Must be a CT-TBF member at least 60 days prior to event)

Day #1 - Saturday July 18th - CT. River

Day #2 - Sunday July 19th - Candlewood Lake

2020 TBF National Semi-Finals Division 15 (NJ, CT, RI)

October 10th & 11th, Hudson River Catskill NY - Hosted by the NJ-TBF

Official Practice Days are October 7th, 8th & 9th


Applications are available on the
Tournament Applications page.

Tournament Director
Keith Cleary C-914-419-0218




2020 Open Tournaments


Event #1, Sunday March 28th - Candlewood Squantz - Cancelled

Event #2, Thursday May 7th - Candlewood Squantz - Cancelled

Event #3, Saturday May 30th - CT River Haddam Meadows - Cancelled

Event #4, Saturday June 13th - Candlewood Squantz - Completed

Event #5, Saturday July 11th - Candlewood Squantz

Event #6, Saturday July 25th - CT River Haddam Meadows

Event #7, Sunday August 16th - Candlewood Squantz

Event #8, Saturday October 24th - Candlewood Squantz

Event #9, Sunday November 15th - Candlewood Squantz

Event #10, Sunday November 29th - Candlewood Squantz


Entry Fee $100.00 per boat - Optional Lunker Fee of $20.00 - Launch position by postmark of paid entry and/or applications at the ramp - TBF Open Rules apply - 75% Payout to 20% of the field. Five (5) fish limit (Largemouth or Smallmouth bass), fish as a team or fish alone.

Applications are available on the
Tournament Applications page.

Tournament Director
Keith Cleary C-914-419-0218


Please forward any pictures you
wish on the site to

Join our email list and be notified of all upcoming events!




















******* See the full articles on the sponsors pages / links. *******


To become a member of our federation one must either join an existing club (check the club listing page) or form a new club with a minimum of 6 members. By doing either it will automatically enroll you in the federation and entitle you to all our member benefits and protect you under the TBF insurance coverage. Most clubs in the state are actively recruiting new members at this time and welcome new faces enthusiastically.

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